About us

First School Bag

Magic memories from childhood, contemporary and modern quality. Do you remember the extraordinary moments of your childhood? The first satchel, the first days at school are probably among them! A note of uncertainty and fear of the unknown … but also new, great friendships and the excitement of discovering the new world. Do you remember the fun – wandering around the housing estate with a satchel on your back? We believe that there are such moments in life and items that have a special meaning. A school bag – just like that, not a backpack, but a satchel – is, in our opinion, the symbol of one of them. Many things have changed since our childhood. That’s why it’s time to refresh the satchels. Classic design plus contemporary quality and performance – you’ll find them in our online store. For adults who do not take themselves too seriously. For children, to give them a part of these wonderful emotions – the first steps in an independent, life journey.


Our values


Health and quality

We know the origin of all our schoolbags which are selected thoughtfully. We only buy from small manufacturers who can guarantee quality. We use hypoallergenic, ultra-light and durable fabrics – because we are concerned with the health of our backs but also need long-lasting bags, not something that will only last one season.


Aesthetics and style

A schoolbag does not have to be colourless and plain. We sourced colourfull, carefully made, interesting and original designs that combine tradition and modern look from France, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. All our schoolbags are produced in a very short, limited series. Stand out – be yourself – do not be a follower.


Care for the environment

We care about the environment and support local communities. You will find the satchels made of ecological materials and some are made out of recycled PET bottles. We guarantee free delivery (within Poland) if you choose recycled cardboard packaging.

Producing less rubbish is a great help to our planet.

Classic with a modern touch

This website was created because we like originality. As parents of twins, we see how much rubbish our children are getting almost every day. In many cases, these things are badly designed, bad for the posture and poor quality. Therefore, our goal is to return to traditional aesthetics, but colourful, with fantasy – to schoolbags in a modern version, ready to face the modern world. That is why we work with our favourite brands: Jeune Premier from Belgium; Engel from the Netherlands; Miniseries from France and Bakker Made With Love from Great Britain.

Vintage – original pieces from years ago

We are fascinated by the vintage style and objects that have their own history. By launching our store, we were able to travel all over Europe to find old satchels, some even 40 years old. We could not pass by them. We renovate them, we fix them up and spend long hours discussing every single one with Mr Wiesław who specialises in repairing and making leather goods, a craft that is almost forgotten. We encourage you to have a look at them. Maybe you can give them a new lease of life? Or maybe you have your own story, memories, school photos from your childhood? Please share them with us and other fans of the vintage school bags.

For school and work

Of course, the bag will fit a notebook, a stylish pencil case (which you can also purchase through our site) and books. But our school satchels are also a convenient and original option for urban fashion fans, especially those with a great sense of humour. Take them to work – they will surely bring a smile to your colleagues’ faces. They are roomy, so a laptop or iPad, powerbank will fit into them perfectly, as every modern embodiment of classics should.

Fast and high standard of customer service guaranteed

We guarantee instant shipping and the possibility of returns. We are a company with experience in online sales (for several years we have been running the popular platform Oddech to zycie, selling air purifiers and anti-smog masks). Robert and Michał from our logistics department will make sure that the order is carried out efficiently, and the dreamed-up satchel will get to you as soon as possible.